International Sport Event Management

International sport event is an event that definitely attract a huge crowd as the worldwide fans will gather at the event venue to cheer up their favorite player or team that they love. At the international stage of sport event, usually is an annual event or regular event that last for days. The shortest one would be for two days like in the grand prix season or the final round of some battle game.

Sport Event Management

The talk on that kind of sport event management not stop only on the event venue, that is just a small pieces from the whole pizza that need to be prepared. The venue of the event on that point will be the city, country or region on which the stadium is. Expected to be a huge crowd and something that similar to the ‘invasion’ to the city. The needs to control security should be escalated to the mobility of the huge crowd.

On that is coming the benefit of using RFID, radio frequency identification, technology that make it possible for the event management, the city host, country host, to monitor the whole interaction and mobility of their guest at the moment, streamline in a live channel, without delayed. The tag that will be as part of the guest body, as a wristband that only can be wear once and could not be taking off during the event will make it possible to track for every person that participate in the event, as a guest.

Need to maintain their safety, or want to know where is their meeting point, just placed a reader in a certain strategic place, the will not notice that they are being watched. As they passed the machine, their movement already being detected by the control operation.

That all mechanism already being practiced in a huge world cup event past years, but if you want to experience it at your event, just contact PouchNation!


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